E-Commerce Wisdom From NRF’s Big Show

Image courtesy: Signifyd

Image courtesy: Signifyd

The knowledge and information that is shared when 35,000 retail professionals gather for the NRF's Big Show has been described as a fire hose of lessons and learning.

Actually, it's more like a sprinkler - or many sprinklers, constantly distributing valuable drops of information, sometimes simultaneously. Of course, no one can be everywhere at once. So, I've decided to break out a few of the key messages I heard in three days at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center with some of the best minds in retail.

Pano Anthos, managing director of XRC Labs, who moderated the panel, said many retailers are so focused on profit that innovation suffers.

"I think fundamentally retailers are under so much pressure on their P&L, hitting their numbers every quarter for the street, it has driven down their investment in technology tremendously and it's put them in kind of a quandary," he said.

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