XRC and NRF’s feature by Apparel.com


XRC Labs, working in conjunction with NRF, brought together technologies that speak to the future of retail across a wide spectrum of capabilities and sectors at the world’s leading tradeshow in Javits Convention Center in New York.

In a series of quick-fire presentations and live demonstrations, iLab participants illustrated how 3D printing, AI, AR/VR, robotics, smart technologies, and wearables are revolutionizing retail and the customer experience.

Jordan K. Speer, Editor in Chief of Apparel, reported from NRF the Top 13 things everyone should know about the changing world of Retail, highlighting Panos words: “At XRC, we take risks. We have to be willing to put out product that isn’t ready yet. We have to be willing to fail, and work with failure. Beg for forgiveness not permission. Time is not our friend.”

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Evan Polivyxrc