Pano Anthos highlighted in Sourcing Journal

(Photo credits to Sourcing Journal)

(Photo credits to Sourcing Journal)

The American Apparel & Footwear Association Supply Chain Innovation Conference took place last week in NYC. Our Founder and Managing Director, Pano Anthos, was there participating in a panel discussion with Despina Papadopoulos (Founder & CEO of Principled Design,) Jose Suarez (President/CEO of Impactiva,) and Rick Horwitch (Vice President, Global Strategy and Solutions Business Development at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products,) focusing on the innovation we are seeing in the industry and how to manage it.

The engaging conversation was covered by Sourcing Journal highlighting that change is here for retail, but what is next? “What has gone on for 50 or 100 years cannot continue to go on much longer,” Pano said, “planes can’t get any faster and ships can’t get any faster, for the most part. The change that’s going to happen is on the manufacturing side.”

As the retail industry is seeing an increased focus on creating and growing innovative products, processes, and materials, “companies need to take more risk,” Pano said, “they need to be willing to fail and celebrate, so to speak.”

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