These Startups Could Bring Brick-and-Mortar Into the Future

Image courtesy: ShopShops

Image courtesy: ShopShops

It's no question that retail is experiencing major changes, but consumers aren't going to stop shopping anytime soon. XRC Labs startups, including Facenote, WonderMile and ShopShops, are taking brick-and-mortar stores to the future with technology that places the consumer first. From facial recognition to increasing virtual visibility, here's what startups are doing to advance the capabilities of brick-and-mortar stores.


Digital devices play an important role in the brick-and-mortar experience, since retailers use technology, including beacons, to track consumer activity and send customized promotions to consumers’ smartphones.

Chile-based startup, Facenote, is stepping up this concept with a new kind of facial recognition technology. As a technology platform, Facenote enables retailers to identify consumers in apps, online and in stores by their face.

What makes Facenote ahead of the pack is that the platform doesn’t require any sales associates and it taps into the needs of individual consumers when they visit a store. The platform scans the consumer’s face when they walk into a store and instantly provides them with curated deals on their smartphones. If consumers have privacy concerns, they can also manage Facenote and select the stores they wish to be recognized in.

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