Pano Anthos & Retail Innovation Conference in Retail Touchpoints

(Photo credits to  Retail Touchpoints )

(Photo credits to Retail Touchpoints)

Our Founder and Managing Director, Pano Anthos, and the Head of the Innovation Lab for Neiman Marcus, Scott Emmons, were highlighted in Retail Touchpoints for identifying a number of up-and-coming technologies at the 2017 Retail Innovation Conference in June. In a freewheeling dialogue, Pano and Scott gave their unvarnished opinions of what’s hot and what’s not in new tech, touching upon themes like:

  • Visual search functionalities;
  • Use of AI to translate natural language questions into specific database queries;
  • VR and AR;
  • Self-powered pop-up shops; and
  • The retail store’s new role as a manufacturing plant.

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Evan Polivyxrc