Portfolio company Ziel in WWD for partnering with Gwynnie Bee

(Photo credits to  Ziel )

(Photo credits to Ziel)

Ziel is a fully-integrated on-demand manufacturing and e-commerce engine that enables lifestyle brands and retailers to sell quick rotating collections of high-performance apparel without a significant operational investment. In the apparel market, where you either have to be a large player or make do with a low-quality solution, Ziel fulfils the untapped need for customised quality collections. As the future heads towards more brand fragmentation and segmentation, Ziel is perfectly positioned to take the lead.

Ziel has recently agreed on a partnership with Gwynnie Bee; a rental subscription for plus size apparel. Ziel can now enable Gwennie Bee add active wear to their portfolio, and turn around Gwennie Bee’s collection in less than 10 days by leveraging proprietary process innovation and on-demand digital manufacturing technology to produce apparel on-demand in the USA.

Click here to read the feature in WWD.

Evan Polivy