loomia trackpad

Smart fabrics are projected to be 130B market by 2025. LOOMIA’s technologies are foundational to this future. This year’s CES report as identified LOOMIA as an innovator in the space.

LOOMIA has developed and refined their technology over the years, culminating in IP in: flexible apparel-friendly connectors, components, stretchy direct-to-textile conductive inks, custom battery form factors, and e-patterned materials.  LOOMIA designs use cases, produces smart fabric panels (as thin and flexible as Nylon) that brands integrate into commercially viable products.

To demonstrate this, Madison Maxey, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of LOOMIA, has created a tablecloth-sized textile trackpad to replace a computer mouse or, well, trackpad. Imagine a TEXTILE TRACKPAD that can be folded into a backpack for easy travel. Trackpads and keyboards restrict our movement and ability to draw naturally. Larger work surfaces create the opportunity to truly treat the computer as a large canvas, and transform any space into a workspace.

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Evan Polivy