Intel on NBC


Talking Tech, XRC and by REVEAL

Rachel Mushahwar, Head of America Sales, Retail, Hospitality and CPG at Intel, recently spoke with host Scott McGrew of NBC’s press:here.  Along with panelists Michal Lev-Ram and Rich Jaroslovsky, Rachel spoke about the difficulties traditional stores have in keeping customers engaged.  While the vast majority of sales continue to take place in brick-and-mortar stores (jokingly referred to as “friggin’ mortar stores” here), consumers are less and less satisfied with the shopping experience.  Everyone can relate to the frustration in getting a quick and accurate answer to the question, “Do you have this in my size?”

Rachel talks about different ways stores can use technology to improve the in-store experience, thereby building customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increasing revenues.  Among the solutions she cites is working with XRC Labs and by REVEAL, the curated customer experience startup from cohort 2.

Evan Polivy