ByReveal featured by Head of Americas Sales at Intel


As the department stores are gradually sinking, retailers and brands realize the growing need to go find their customers outdoors. And this is where byReveal comes in, delivering brand experiences where consumers are already gathering optimizing the footprint of retail. As Rachel Mushawar highlighted in her post on Linkedin, titled Retail gets a new BFF – and six more predictions for the industry in 2017, this year “will see more brands and retailers using pop-up shops to bring their products to hotel lobbies, music festivals, sidewalks, and other non-traditional retail spaces.” According to Megan Berry, CEO of byReveal, pop-up shops can offer “a fully immersive opportunity for customers,” and a “very personalized way” to buy, that will enable brands to “control the customer experience” without having to control inventory.

Read the feature and six more predictions for the industry here.

Evan Polivy