Welcome to XRC Labs

XRC retail accelerator

Thanks for checking out XRC Labs. I am super psyched to write this blog post as the first of many focused on the happenings at XRC and the industries we serve.

Technology has made a significant impact on so many aspects of our lives, but much of our product and shopping experiences have barely been touched in 30 years. While over 80% of store purchases are influenced by digital, only 7% or so actually take place online. Massive markets, massive opportunities.

Our Vision
To be the preeminent place where innovation happens to solve the biggest challenges, and unlock the next generation of opportunities, facing the retail and consumer goods industries.

Our Mission
To bring together an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry leaders to deliver positive business impact to the retail and consumer goods industries by accelerating ideation and innovation via emerging technologies, products and processes.

Pano Anthos
Managing Director
XRC Labs and XRC Fund

Evan Polivy