In the Minds of Entrepreneurs

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Ever wonder how differently an entrepreneur, an innovator, might think and solve problems?

On January 20, 2016, in front of a crowd of more than 3,000,  XRC Managing Director, Pano Anthos, moderated the closing keynote panel presentation featuring founders from five of the first cohort companies at the NRF Big Show 2016 .  Each of the founders spoke of how they were responding to the more traditional approaches of the retail industry and combining innovative technology with a fresh perspective to enliven retail and bring more value to customers.  The following startup founders shared their thoughts (in order of appearance):

  • Stacy Ferreira, Forge
  • Natalia Allen, Natalia Inc
  • Michelle Bacharach, FindMine
  • Nikki Lawrence, Gleem & Co.
  • Casey Sullivan, Gleem & Co.
  • John Reynolds, RFM Clothing
  • Kevin Flammia, RFM Clothing

The presentation called, “The need for Speed: Accelerating Retail Today” affords us a unique opportunity to hear how startup founders evaluate a particular segment of the marketplace and create new approaches based on thoughtful market analysis, technology, and business savviness.  And a fearless work ethic.

You can view the presentation on vimeo here.

Evan Polivy