Art Space: Installation Design by Hu Qiren

We are fortunate enough to not only be in a partnership with one of the world’s leading design schools, Parsons, located in the heart of New York City, but we are simultaneously exposed to a variety of talented artists.

Thanks to the convenient location of the XRC Labs office on the 12th floor of the Parsons building, artists have generously volunteered to install and exhibit their art, while adding style to the XRC lounge. The many rooms have bits and pieces that showcase various artists’ work, however, one of the largest and most visible installation walls – as it sits directly in our community lounge – is designed by Hu Qiren and officially titled, American Ginseng.

Qiren was inspired to design a construct of China’s growing trend and interest in American Ginseng. His installation takes shape of a traditional Chinese medical hall with a neon sign advertising an outline of a ginseng as the main display.


Upon speaking to Qiren, he goes into detail regarding the expanding and profitable market for American ginseng as one of the most popular holiday gifts in China.

According to the LA Times, “the U.S. exported $77.3 million in ginseng roots in 2014, most of it to Hong Kong, with American ginseng fetching the highest price of any cultivated variety”.

And as our XRC staff, cohorts, and clients sit with the backdrop of this very detailed piece of art – we not only get a cool factor added to this room, but a little piece of history and culture too.

We love our ‘China Shop’ and are so pleased to be able to display the works from growing artists in this community.

For a closer look into the inspiration behind Hu Qiren’s installation, please visit:

Evan Polivy