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Gabriela Baiter

Gabriela is the founder of Whereabout Studio, an experiential retail studio based out of Los Angeles, CA. For the last decade, her passion for physical experiences has manifested itself into leading dozens of experiential projects for major brands and retailers.

Prior to founding the studio, Gabriela crafted brand strategy for tech giants such as Facebook (while at Wieden & Kennedy) and Uber, where she grew their last major market in the U.S. to one million trips in under 2 years. She now consults part-time on space design and programming for the company's 650 driver hubs, a global retail footprint larger than that of H&M.

A Retail Wire contributor, Gabriela is known as a "retail futurist" often challenging her clients to create thoughtful experiences that speak to the ever-changing consumer. While working with founders is her first love, Gabriela has also founded retail concepts of her own including Dozy Rex, a DTC pet brand, and Homemade Society, a wandering restaurant concept in Portland, OR.

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