Chute Laundry

For Millennials who want to elevate their style but don't have the time or expertise to do so... or just want clean clothes. Chute is a platform that connects users' to local laundry pick-up and delivery services. That not only clean, but photograph and catalog peoples clothes in order to create an entirely new recommendation engine Unlike platforms such as StichFix or Trunkclub that rely off of quizzes and past purchases to infer what people want, Chute bases their recommendations based off what people are actually wearing.





Reid Moncada
Co-Founder & CEO

Reid is a Chick Evans Caddie Scholar studying Finance and Chinese at Penn-State University. After interning at a variety of start-ups focused in Agritech, EduTech, and cryptocurrencies, Reid was selected into Draper University, an incubator/accelerator based in Silicon Valley founded by billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper. It was at Draper where Reid was exposed to emerging technology and found the inspiration to take Chute further than laundry. Reid is an infinite learner with a passion for streetwear, astronomy, and technology.

Brian Vargas
Co -Founder & COO

Brian studied Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship at Pennsylvania State University. While at Penn State, Brian began to take interest in cryptocurrency leading him to start CryptoTrade, a private fund trading thousands of currencies a year. Brian was one of Chute’s first customers, and soon after joined the founding team. Brian has played almost every role at Chute, leading him to become Chief Operations Manager. This year, Brian put his degree on hold and has been focusing his full effort on Chute. He also uses his French Blue Bulldog named London to help sell to customers.