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 Brett Barndt

Brett Barndt’s work spans new product development and innovation, management consulting, marketing services, and insights projects for a wide range of business sectors and client verticals.

Starting early in traditional strategy, Brett recognized that strategy is executed through many people, which became for him the most interesting part about running a business. He was drawn to helping multi-functional teams work together in new ways, building expertise in change & coaching, collaboration, and design thinking. He easily supports clients from traditional strategy to hands-on execution and activation.

His perspective ranges from traditional corporate strategy, new product innovation, branding and marketing, to selling products at retail. From the beginning of his career, Brett worked on innovation for new products and services and the service organizations needed to support them. He has led programs in large corporates engaging hundreds of participants around the world. Brett now sells design research and manages client relationships for Envirosell, a leading behavioral research consultancy, applying detailed insights about human behavior to better designs for customer experiences, spaces, and omnichannel journeys in many sectors, especially retail. He has always supported sales people in consultative selling and relationship building, and has designed tools and trainings to help global sales forces up their games. He now leads partnerships to bring Envirosell’s human-centered and evidence-based design performance practices to AI in retail.

Brett mixes left- and right-brain with a traditional quant management MS after a BFA in Drawing & Design. He teaches at Parson’s School of Design in the MS in Strategic Design & Management that mixes B-school and D-school, giving graduates strategic and practical creative skills for taking on today’s business challenges.