Aaron Alpeter

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Aaron is a graduate of Unilever’s prestigious Supply Chain Management Program where he spent 5 years gaining direct experience working in planning, manufacturing, international logistics, and continuous improvement. He was brought on as the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Hubble Contacts to design an international supply chain from the ground up and run the customer service teams. Aaron was also COO at Sustain Natural where he redesigned their operations for ecommerce while significantly improving Gross Margin.

Aaron recently founded Izba which is a Supply Chain Management consulting firm with an innovative approach for startups between their seed round and Series B. Izba help founders build scalable supply chains through standard project work and/or running the day to day operations so they can focus on growing their business. Their fractional model gives companies access to Fortune 500 and COO level talent for the cost of a Junior Operations person until the workload justifies bringing a full time person in house.

Aaron’s passion is in building companies and teams and he is always open to sharing experiences and helping others